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PostSubject: Posting Guidelines - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING   Sun Apr 03, 2011 3:48 am

This message board is only to facilitate ESP alliance gatherings and events, and is to be used only for sign-ups for specific outings. This is not a public forum for general discussion and should not be used for posting images, jokes or any other material not specifically related to forming an allied team for an outing in Guild Wars.


Since you may post on this board without being a regular forum member, please be sure to pick a user name and stick to it. Preferably, this should be your primary Guild Wars character name. Do NOT post as "anonymous" - your post may be deleted. Also, you should sign your posts with your GW name and guild tag.

Please note: It will be at the party leader's discretion who to include in a party and who will be deemed an alternate, regardless of the sign up order. This is so that the party leader can fill the party roles in a complementary fashion that will result in the best possible outcome for that event.


Threads should be kept discrete and will contain an invitation, sign-ups and a debriefing following the event, if desired. Please keep all posts regarding a single event in the same thread.

Thread titles should follow a format which contains the location(s), method/difficulty, and the date, if known. So, for example:
  • Urgoz's Warren, HM, 4-APR-2011
  • DoA, speed clear practice, dates TBD
  • Rragar's Menagerie, zBounty, 5-JUN-2011

This will make it easy for folks to find the event.

The event notice should cover all the necessary details. The original poster will be assumed to be the party leader unless otherwise specified. Specific requests regarding party size, required roles, advance preparation, etc., should be listed. The date and time (with timezone) should also be posted. The poster may also specify by when sign-ups should occur.

To post an event, simply click the "New Topic" button.

Don't add a reply here, if you have questions or suggestions about this, please contact me in game.

Thanks for your cooperation. Have fun!

queen Saroya Ravenwind,
Leader of ROCK

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